All of life is identity.

The challenge of life is to become Enlightened in our identity to fulfill our lives personally and socially.

There are fundamentally four problems to solve in life:

  1. Will you decide to live in darkness or in the light? When presented with an opportunity, or a fork in the road, to face the unknown and make a commitment, you have the choice to discover your own potential, victimize, or be a victim. Which do you choose?
  2. How will you chart the fulfillment of your life? All of life begins with a consciousness that potentially provides for the ability to live life well. Do you have a map for this journey?
  3.  How will you form, maintain, and manage your identity, your resources, and your will to be effective in relationship and with nature? Would you like to live a meaningful life on this planet Earth?
  4. How will you personally and in relationship mature through time? Time gives us the possibility to evolve out of chaos into meaning. What is the significance of your life?  How do you share your significance with humanity?

Resolving these problems requires us to ask questions and make distinctions.

Every Transition Throughout History Pertains to Questions of:

Sexual Identity, Financial Power, Social Status, and Human Rights.

The Impact of Change

Change is taking place on a massive scale: economic concerns, political upheaval, environmental shifts, social unrest, and technological advances. Technology has increased the speed of our global communication, the speed of human interaction, and the speed of change with its inherent chaos and instability.

We are experiencing more of the negative implications of humanity’s inability to address change well. We have not yet learned to transform darkness or unknown potential into the practice of conscious well-being.

Technology has advanced, but has humanity?

We hear the cry of people for the validation of worth on a very deep level. Speaking loudly are women’s voices wanting and needing to be heard on an ever-larger scale. We are crying out for:

  • Safety
  • Value
  • Influence
  • Choice
  • Joy
  • And to love and be loved

We are crying out for a consciousness that provides and cares. Crying out for a consciousness that, in fact, only we can provide for ourselves.

Opportunity is always available with change. The impact of change allows us to ask different questions to review and reconsider the way in which we live our lives. A time of change encourages us to find alternative solutions for a possible gateway to our own Enlightenment.

As we are all artists of our own consciousness, human beings have the ability to reflect upon how we see, transform, and create life. Can we learn to question the kind of life we want to create? Can we reflect on how to become Enlightened? If Enlightenment is the mature expression of our identity and social Enlightenment is the ability to mature together well, then can we learn to evolve humanity?

Can we come to understand a knowledge that we do not yet know?

The Discovery of Truth

Is there a secret to Enlightenment?

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life, or have you felt like there was something missing?

  • Is there a secret in the world that some access and others do not?
  • Is there an unseen power of existence that some recognize and others do not yet know?
  • Is there knowledge that some possess and others have not yet learned?

In a word, the answer is “Yes.”

Now, women have an opportunity to understand this subtle secret of identity.

This is the tacit knowledge of women’s identity — a knowledge that has gone unspoken and is the underlying dynamic of all healthy relationships. For the first time in history, i-We illuminates and voices this powerful knowledge for those who want to know, experience, and apply it to live happy, healthy, and effective lives.

The Feminine Light Journey begins…