How can I contact you?

You can email us through the menu tab: Contact and through the Contact Us form.

Our address is:

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment
P.O.Box 5188
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Tel: Los Angeles 310.651.0774
Tel: New York 917.283.2314

What is the most powerful message in the world?

The most powerful message in the world is a woman’s healthy self-worth expressed well through the wisdom of love.

The Feminine Light. Your Feminine Light.

What services are offered on i-We?

Presently, there are three Programs and experiential offerings:

The Feminine Light Journey
The Feminine Light Leadership
The Feminine Light Guidance

There are also currently four products available that enhance your experience of the above Programs and your self-knowledge:

The Feminine Light Assessment
The Feminine Light Vibrancy Prelude
The Feminine Light Vibrancy Instrument
The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal

What is The Feminine Light Journey?

The Feminine Light Journey is a unique proprietary model of women’s mature identity and development, a meta-consciousness of womanhood, that transforms our knowledge of ourselves to live more effective lives.

The Feminine Light Journey revolutionizes women’s ability to establish a collective consciousness of identity and create a new language from which to communicate. It consists of nine Passages of Enlightenment.

The Feminine Light Journey establishes for yourself The Feminine Light that is within you!

Who is i-We for?

i-We is for women in the United States and around the world who want to create a better life, who yearn for Enlightenment and emotionally are seeking:

  • Fulfillment: This woman wants to receive and give more in life. Women in this category may have a solid foundation for their happiness, sense of worth and purpose, yet may want to understand why or how to live it more fully. These women may want more of an intellectual and philosophical foundation for their identity or simply to be “in the know.” Also, they may need to be leaders, to contribute more to the world encompassing a broader scale of participation or be more effective in their community. i-We affirms these contributions.
  • Empowerment: This woman wants to solve problems by finding solutions through increased self-esteem, self-worth, purpose, talents or joy. Women in this category may at times not feel seen, valued or valuable either personally or culturally. They can be disrespected, abused, abandoned or lost; happiness may be elusive, there may be just glimpses of happiness, little or no happiness. Many of these women are healing from divorce or trauma or are feeling overwhelmed by uncertainties, struggles or life’s workload. Some may need to learn how to feel safe and happy in their bodies while others strive to discover value, purpose, joy in respecting themselves and men in the world. These women may be fighters or defenders of worth. Strong capable women can benefit from having a broader understanding of their developmental journey, leading toward a deeper more empowered identity. i-We charts and provides a map for self-knowledge.
  • Compassion: This woman wants to be healed through love and connection. Women in this category may want to connect with women and men to support and encourage one another and to find a common thread of humanity that bonds. However, some women in this category use emotions to demean. This behavior is a result of a damaged spirit due to experiences of power abuse or emotional neglect. These women often become abusive out of spite because they know no other way. To realize themselves as human beings in need of compassion is the starting point for healing spirit. The concept of respect must be learned to love well in the world. i-We nurtures a woman’s unique journey toward acceptance, love, and healing.
  • Goodwill: This woman wants to foster goodwill through collaborating with other women in mutual appreciation and respect of a Sisterhood that honors, shares, and celebrates who we are as women. Women in this category may want to lead humanity by example, particularly as role models for girls and young women. i-We promotes the recognition of spiritual leadership.

How am I important?

You are important as a human being, and especially as a woman.   Women are the containers and source of life; the creators of meaning and through family and community, the vessels of love.  We are the muses, the messengers, and the catalyst for divine wisdom and joy.

You, as a woman, are a Leader of Spiritual Enlightenment for yourself and in guiding relationships: your family, your children, your communities, and your world. Relationships are shaped the way they are because of your worth, purpose, talents, wisdom, and joy!  The importance of YOU guides relationship toward mutual peaceful fulfillment.

No matter the family, society, and culture you are born into, your self-esteem and worth are the determining factors which influence the health of relationship. Learning to form, maintain, and manage your identity and support your spirit as a woman is paramount to the health of the world.

As a woman, the truth of your being as an expression of the fullness of spirit creates the meaning of your life.  The expansion of your love and joy through the security of wisdom kindles the fire of your own unique contributions to yourself, your relationships, and to the world.  The healing of your spirit then transmutes into the power that heals the world.

Reclaiming worth allows you to take the first step toward a healthy loving presence in relationship beginning with the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

Is there a membership?

i-We is offering The Feminine Light Journey and the first course The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage as a stand alone three-month experiential program of Enlightenment. This Passage is offered as a singular course and is a prerequisite for all future Passages.

The Feminine Light Leadership Program is a membership based Program available at a nominal monthly fee.

When can I join The Feminine Light Programs?

The Programs begin at different times, so make sure to read the Program you are interested in below:

  • i-We will have offerings available in July and August 2017 such as The Vibrancy Prelude, The Vibrancy Instrument, and The Feminine Light Online Leadership Appraisal.
  • The Feminine Light Leadership Program starts on August 1st, 2017 and runs for the length of the month. Each session begins on the first of each month.
  • The Feminine Light Journey Program, as of August 1st, 2017, can be pre-purchased at a special price for a pilot start date of September 15th, 2017 with open enrollment until Dec 31st, 2017. We shut the doors for enrollment at that time.

The Passage and a unique part of the Program will remain open until March 31st, 2017. If you start the Program on September 15th, you will receive an extra 4 months of the Program at no cost.

The sooner you begin The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage, the longer you will have to increase your Enlightenment and gather support.

However, you will have the course Passage for life!

  • In 2018, The Feminine Light Journey Program is an open enrollment and you can join anytime.
  • The Feminine Light Guidance Program opens on October 1st, 2017.

How can i-We help me?

i-We helps women to better understand themselves so they can live healthier, happier, and more effective lives while positively influencing the health of all relationships.

No matter where you are on your journey or what challenges you are experiencing, The Feminine Programs can offer you steps toward the Enlightenment of your identity.

What does the logo and tagline mean?

Our logo is a lotus. The lotus is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. The lotus flower is viewed as a symbol of spiritual expansion and awakening. The lotus has its roots in earthly mud, but as it grows upward in aspiration toward the light, its petals open into a beautiful flower and embodies a spiritual meaning of ascension, Enlightenment or rebirth. The flower represents divine beauty and purity.

The logo also represents a Star Rose which reflects the rich history associated with the eight-pointed star and is a symbol associated with Innana who is considered the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia. As a goddess, Innana embodies the cycles of a woman’s life as well as love and death or the transformation of the soul while the meaning associated with rose is grace, joy, and appreciation.

Our tagline Happy Women, Happy, World  ™ is a reflection of “happy wife, happy life” which was coined by the comedian Jeff Allen, an aphorism for the “…joy derived from a healthy marriage” and is his registered trademark.

Who conducts The Feminine Light Leadership Program?

Our Leadership Program is mentored by visionary women established in the success of the implementations of their visions. This Program is conducted through an on-going roundtable of invited leaders, mentors, and life coaches as well as facilitated by a knowledgeable support team.

What is The Feminine Light Sisterhood?

The Feminine Light Sisterhood term represents like-minded women who remember the worth of women and join one another through mutual respect as a force for good and peace.

Do you really offer presents or gifts free?

Yes, because we know how important it is for us to feel appreciated and to receive tokens of esteem that benefit our lives. i-We is excited to share gifts with you that uplifts our lives together. Some of the gifts can be found under the Resources tab while others are more delightful surprises to anticipate and will be announced.

Is this for girls or minors?

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment is for women 18 years or older.

i-We is not for minors, however,  girls will receive the benefits from women becoming Enlightened role models for them.

What about men, is this for men too?

Yes, i-We is for men, too!

i-We is for men who value understanding or want to realize the meaning of happy wife, happy life; “Happy Women, Happy World” and is a tribute to men who honor themselves.

The Feminine Light Journey Program is available to you to enhance your understanding of women as inspirational partners. You can experience this Program to establish your worth as men and as noble fathers shaping the world. Private Forums just for men are included in the Program.

It’s time for women to come into the consciousness of their worth and join forces with men who honor the spirit of women and together find greater peace and fulfillment.


Is this also for the LGBTQQIA community?

The Feminine Light Programs are offered to the LGBTQQIA community. Although i-We expresses feminine and masculine distinctions in terms of a new partnership model for traditional gender roles, others whose sexual orientations may differ can also find clarity across the spectrum of gender-worth.

Our programs may assist you in discovering ways to better understand the nature of feminine and masculine polarities to experience the wonder of your life and to live more efficaciously.

Does this Program judge my life negatively?

The Feminine Light Programs are created to support people in their self-awakening. We all start with who we are now and grow into or mature into a fuller, more effective expression of our identity. There are no negative judgments about life only This process requires an ideal to reach along with an acceptance of who we are now.

Our Programs help you to discern who you are; we do not make negative judgments. This process requires an ideal to attain with an acceptance of who we are now.

That is the starting point.

What is the best way for me to see if i-We and The Feminine Light Programs are right for me?

You can take a couple of different steps, whichever one feels right for you:

Through Investigation:

  1. Read our blogs, testimonials, and learn more about us on our Home page.
  2. Discover the groundbreaking The Feminine Light Journey Model, the very first Model of Development for Women designed and presented in a holistic sequence to create an evolutionary consciousness for women. 
  3. See what The Feminine Light Leadership is all about.
  4. Watch our first BETA Global Symposium The Feminine Light in The Middle East and hear from all 36 panelists: women, men, and girls. 
  5. Check out more in our Complimentary Gifts and Library.
  6. Keep a watch out for our surveys.

Through Experimentation:

  1. Add your email address and receive The Feminine Light Self-Realization Assessment.
  2. Read The Feminine Light book, currently can be found on Amazon.
  3. Experience The Feminine Light Journey and The Spiritual Leadership Passage through our one-week complimentary offer.
  4. Join our private Facebook group. 
  5. Make an appointment for The Feminine Light Guidance to benefit your life.
  6. See our Events Calendar to schedule participation in our events.

How can I be a spiritual leader and a woman in relationship?

Being a woman is the starting point of all of our Programs. That is the foundation upon which our Programs are built.

Spiritual leadership can be expressed in a variety of ways: for yourself, in your relationships or through a more expansive social role. Whatever the expression that is unique to you will become more apparent and useful in establishing your identity in relationship.

To clarify our individual purpose of this expression is one aspect of The Feminine Light Programs.

Could i-We be described as a Feminist Movement?

i-We can be described as a Gender Relations Movement 3.0 that incorporates the Feminist drive of women to live more effective lives. However, i-We traditionally honors women in their unique identity distinct from men.

Much of this work answers Betty Friedan’s “problem with no name” by identifying the problem.

Presently, i-We specifically bridges the “painful and confusing” gap Claire Zammit, Founder of a women’s movement “Feminine Power”, recognized. She said “…in spite of having so much ‘power’ in our lives,…(women) felt this very painful and confusing gap between the deeper potentials…for who we were as women, for the creative contribution, for the intimacy and connection of our relationships, and just for our overall experience of life.”

i-We respects Feminism and its historical basis. We do support activities organized on behalf of women’s rights, interests, and human equality, however, we believe that sexual equity better reflects the true nature of gender than that of equality.

Is i-We a religion?

i-We is a women’s personal development organization and hub spearheading the well-being of life. We are not a religion, a cult, nor a sect.

The foundation of  The Feminine Life Programs is based in Psychology and specifically in the field of Human Development through the Lifespan. i-We draws from the works of Carol Gilligan and Abraham H. Maslow, and with an additional emphasis on the works of Carl G. Jung, George A. Kelly, Carl R. Rodgers, Dr. Clark Moustakas, and Dr. Robert Shukraft.

We do believe that women and their lives are sacred.

How can I feel safe in the Forums or with any personal information I may reveal?

Remember this is an open site and the public exists of many types of people, so be sure to keep things confidential that are vitally important to you. We do however monitor all activities and expect a standard of behavior – See our Privacy Policy.

How can I get more support from i-We?

There are a number of ways to increase support for your life through i-We:

  • Join Webinars, Q&A calls, and Teleseminars. 
  • Read our blogs and emails.
  • Participate in the Passages of The Feminine Light Journey. 
  • Participate in our Forums, support groups, chat rooms.
  • Join The Feminine Light Leadership Program and visionary membership.
  • Participate in i-We The Feminine Light events, symposiums, and seminars. 
  • Connect with our Guidance Facilitators. 
  • Connect with our Private Facebook page. 
  • Initiate The Feminine Light Meetup groups in your area with branded material. 
  • Discover opportunities to become part of The i-We Family. 

The i-We Family supports you in finding ways and people who encourage you to live a fulfilled life.

Is i-We a non-profit organization?

At this time, i-We is an LLC. We are addressing possible plans to become B Certified
and to establish a non-profit arm – The i-We Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation will be to provide opportunities for economically disadvantaged women worldwide. The goals of the i-We Foundation are to:

– Foster education.

– Promote health, safety, and security.

– Encourage leadership and self-expression of inner purpose, talents, and abilities.

– Support other charitable works.

– Invest in the overall vision developed and the manifestation of a global women’s hub spearheading the well-being of life.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, i-We wants to support women and we offer several ways to make this more affordable to those who could not normally pay the fees associated with the development, operation, and value of our programs. 

We have a link on the purchase page of The Feminine Light Journey Program if you would like to discuss a scholarship.

Do you have a pricing for groups?

Yes, i-We does have a special pricing for groups of 8 or more. We also have a special pricing for non-profits. See The Feminine Light Journey purchase page for more information.

Why is the pricing different for women and men?

i-We respects the giving and supportive nature of men and appreciates men who want to give The Feminine Light Journey to the important women in their lives and provides a group price for more than three women. The price difference for men reflects an appreciation of their goodwill.

What is your Refund Policy or Guarantee?

Presently, our refund policy is more like dipping your toe in water to test if the temperature is right for you.

For The Feminine Light Journey Program, we offer the first week at no cost to you. When you embrace that journey and purchase a Passage, refunds are not available.

For The Feminine Light Leadership Program, we offer different types of memberships at prices you can afford. Recommendation: Purchase a one-month membership first before other types of memberships. Refunds are not available.

For more information about our refund policies, please read the Store Policy.

Our guarantee at i-We is that your life will be transformed no matter your purchase and you will be given all the provisions for your own Enlightenment. We hope you will use that Enlightenment to join together in The Feminine Light Sisterhood offering humanity vibrant new opportunities to reinvent the world – and through it, an evolution of our humanity.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do and we encourage you to share our Programs with others so we can share with you!

Is i-We international and what languages are supported?

Yes, we are International. Currently, our Programs are only in English, however, we do have plans in the future to translate them into other languages.

How do I contact i-We tech support?

For any technical issues pertaining to the functioning of the i-We site, please use the Contact Us form and we will address your concerns.

How can I get involved or become part of the i-We family as a career, internship, volunteer, or initiate a Meetup group?

i-We would love your involvement and would appreciate hearing from you. Easy to do, just use the Contact Us form.

How do I contact you for a joint venture, funding, or donations?

i-We appreciates your co-creation and extension of goodwill. Just use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch. We look forward to creating with you!

What if my question is not answered here, what do I do?

If you have any questions that are not answered here and that relate to The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment or our Programs, please reach out to us by using our Contact Us form.

I have an emergency in my life, who do I contact?

In the case of a real emergency, a life-threatening or life-saving emergency, call 911. 

In the Resources tab under Complimentary Gifts, we have provided a list of 17 other helpful emergency contact services to research and find the numbers for in your area. Best to have these numbers at your fingertips or in your cell phone in case of other types of emergencies.