The Feminine Light Guidance

Guidance is available for individuals who want to strengthen their path toward self-acceptance, problem-solving, and Enlightenment.

The Feminine Light Guidance Program listens to your needs and desires and assists you to better able embrace and celebrate the efficacy of your life. Whether being consulted, coached, counseled, or facilitated, each aspect of our Program specializes in how best to support you in Your Feminine Light Journey and the efficacy of your life.


Holistic Healing


Life Coaching




Gifting Groups

Personal attention is available from a number of independent i-We consultants, coaches, counselors, and facilitators. Read about our guidance family and make your appointments with any one of them to assist you in Your Feminine Light Journey and Your Spiritual Leadership.


The Feminine Light Consultants work with you to help you find the larger meaning to your life. By clarifying the meaning making process and assisting in piecing the puzzle of your life together, themes and the messages that reveal those themes can help to uncover your life’s purpose which will guide you well in increasing self-worth.

What does the consulting process look like? Our Consultants will speak to your soul and listen for higher truths and inner yearnings. Each Consultant uses their unique gifts and talents in seeking knowledge of you on the spiritual plane. In doing so, guidance is made available for growth and in the certain knowledge that your spirit is blessed with a unique purpose. This process highlights both the challenges in your life and how those challenges can be addressed to discover a deeply enriching and powerful life.

As a client, you will move closer to the alignment with your truth that grounds you in self-knowledge and it is through this self-knowledge that your life can unfold in ways that you did not expect. Expect, however, to answer questions and respond to new ways of understanding your life. Each of the Consultants is unique in their own approach to delving into your soul, participating in the world of the unseen to offer guidance. This approach is more fluid and requires a greater trust in the unseen world. Although, this approach is more spatially oriented, without a specific linear goal to reach, the movement and growth toward a holistic perspective which takes into account your life dimensionally is, in fact, the groundwork for a richer life. With these Consultants, you will experience a deeper meaning in your life.


The Feminine Light Coaches work with you to assist you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. Our coaches clarify what you truly want, what holds you back from accomplishing your goals, and how best to achieve your goals.

What does the coaching process look like? Our Coaches will ask you many questions to help you discover and clarify your vision and to find out what might be blocking you from achieving that vision. They hold you accountable to the goals you set and provide a supportive framework for you on your journey. The coaching relationship is based on your agenda as a client, and honors that you are the expert and creator of your life. Our Coaches can assist you in uncovering those answers to create the outcomes you desire.

As a client, you will set goals and create a vision of what you would like to achieve and then together, we can create an actionable system that will help you create positive changes.


The Feminine Light Counselors work with you to delve more deeply into your life to address issues that may need more clarification to bring your darkness or your unknown into the light. These issues tend to be more long-standing fundamental development issues that when processed with guidance and support can be healed to move forward with a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself.

What does the counseling process look like? Our Counselors investigate causes of deep-rooted pain to bring you into an awareness of patterns that need to be shifted for your own well-being. These patterns have generally been developed by relationships and communications that were detrimental to you. The healing of this process can be found in emotional work.

As a client, you will delve deeply into emotional trauma or developmental issues that have caused you to neglect your own well-being. Transformational goals will be set in the context of your ideal to become more of who you are truly once the negative baggage has been lifted from unconscious patterns of acceptance. The beneficial outlook for this process is a greater well-being and through self-ownership, you will be able to create and live the life of your own making.


The Feminine Light Facilitators offer a variety of experiences to support you personally, socially, professionally, and in your leadership. These facilitators offer many experiences for individuals and groups that suggest there is more to life. Many of these experiences celebrate your joy and harmony in the world, some reflect the subtlety and nuance of connecting in community, while others take a closer look at the potential for expressing your life in a more truthful way, and yet others assist you in manifesting exactly what you want and how to go about doing it.

What does the facilitating process look like? Each process is different depending on the experience you seek. Each facilitator creates their offer to contribute to your self-actualization in their own unique style. The act of facilitating makes what you want to do easier and within that context, listen for what you want to make easier and to which facilitator who you think can assist you best.

As a client, participant or seeker, you will be able to gently challenge yourself to experiment with ways that speak to your soul and offer yourself the nurturing or knowledge that best fits for your own growth and happiness.