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The Feminine Light Journey

The Feminine Light Journey Program  
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The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment introduces its groundbreaking work, The Feminine Light Journey. This is a unique proprietary model of women’s identity and development, a meta-consciousness of Womanhood. It incorporates the underlying belief that all women can develop an Enlightened Consciousness by virtue of being a “Woman.” This is the very essence of The Feminine Light Journey.


This is for soulful women who seek more…


The Feminine Light Journey transforms knowledge of ourselves. For the first time ever, a Model of Development for Women has been designed and is presented in a holistic sequence to create an evolutionary consciousness for women. Historically, our experiences as women have either been understood through a masculine perspective or have been researched to allude to identity differences.

The Feminine Light Journey is a means for acknowledging ourselves as women and consists of nine Passages. These passages represent our evolving development, maturity, and integration which encompasses the knowledge of ourselves. This knowledge holds the keys to creating healthy relationship.

About The Program

The Feminine Light Journey is a practical, step-by-step quest to experience at your own pace and that guides you toward your Self-Enlightenment – connecting you with the Light of your Truth and Wisdom.

Within each 3 month Passage of Enlightenment, you will discover in the design:

  • Themes presented in monthly and weekly segments offering a systematic approach to Enlightenment and its practical application for everyday life.
  • An orchestration of knowledge conducted by The Seven Sisters, or Seven Stars, also known as The Pleiades featuring a way to divine your own Enlightenment, the prosperity of your spirit as the recognition of the light that shines within.
  • Trackable Star Charts highlighting, organizing, and communicating the messages to support you in the life that you want to create.
  • Interactive multimedia instruments enhancing your personalized opportunity for learning, creating, and living a meaningful and significant life.
  • Personal and Group Sessions as well as Forums as tuning forks for conducting experiments with your wisdom: how to recognize and resolve challenges to better apply the solutions to your daily life.
  • Inspirational signature gifts encouraging your talent to acknowledge yourself.

As you begin The Feminine Light Journey, using this systematic and experiential approach, you will learn how to Honor the Truth of Your Life and the Worth and Purpose of All Women.

The Feminine Light Journey is a portal to:

  • The Truth of Your Being
  • The Creation of Your Meaning
  • The Power of Your Life
  • The Health of Your Relationships
  • The Celebration of Your Spirit!

Your path to finding your authentic self and reaching your true potential is a unique experience. No two people undergo a change in quite the same way. The nature of life and transformations has many facets of growth, by providing you with a map and a compass, you can learn to know who you are, what you want, where you want to go, and how to get there.


We begin this journey together. We begin at the end – the Ninth Ring – The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage.


Together we can create our lives, our story, and our contribution.

Discover, Honor, Share and Celebrate at your own pace – The Feminine Light that is within you – from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

We invite you to magically travel and
Journey into The Feminine Light…

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage

This is what you can expect to experience each week:

Transform your life by the week and on an average day, have greater confidence in the ability to…

Week 1

Transform from a voice struggling to be heard to having a connection to your voice.

Week 2

Transform from feeling uninspired by your truth to being present with your possibilities of creation.

Week 3

Transform from having experiences of gender disrespect to have the confidence in knowing the foundation for your gender worth.

Week 4

Transform from a feeling of powerlessness to effect change to knowing how your power and resources can affect a liberating change.

Week 5

Transform from experiencing anxiety to having the clear ability to create language for your truth.

Week 6

Transform from feeling unfocused and stressed to feeling a greater satisfaction for your journey and comfortable with the movement and direction of your life.

Week 7

Transform from uncertainty and confusion to the alignment of your center as an internal reference point with your self-worth.

Week 8

Transform from a limited understanding of the nature of wholeness to having the contextual basis for a sound understanding for and the necessity of compassion and spiritual leadership.

Week 9

Transform from having experiences of pain and suffering to having experiences and opportunities of self-nurturing, meaning making, and healing toward maturity.

Week 10

Transform from feeling a victim without a will to manifesting a will to define your life and cultivate well your happiness.

Week 11

Transform from feeling devalued through the chaos associated with ill-defined identities, relationships that are poorly motivated or have a lack of integrity, and unclear communications to feeling valuable, valued, and purposeful in all your relationships starting with the one you have with yourself.

Week 12

Transform from a sense of negligible contribution to the world to creating and collaborating in the making of a community which is both safe and happy and supports your emotional worth as well as your spiritual leadership to significantly impact the world.

Upon completion of this Passage, you will know that your most valuable asset is you and the truth of your being, how to access and invest in your most valuable asset, how to create the life that you want to live, and how, through your influence, you can be the solution.

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The Content

Week One – A New Foundation: Finding Voice

We will experience together a discovery path to reveal the passions and essence of Your Voice.

Week Two – A New Foundation: Evolving Faith Perception

We will experience together the faith you have in yourself as a woman and how you can be inspired by faith to heal yourself and find a clearer direction to express Your Faith.

Week Three – A New Foundation: Respecting Gender Differences

We will experience together how identifying clearly our gender can make way for our own acceptance and the acceptance of others while understanding that the concept of polarity as a pattern of responsibility can lead toward enlightenment and Your Self-Respect.

Week Four – A New Foundation: Managing Resources and Power

We will experience together the basis for power and our connection to it that provides you with an increased ability to manage your resources and better commit to Your Life.

Week Five – A Personal Vision: Knowing Self

We will experience together that you have the ability to listen to yourself and make choices that better reflect Your Truth.

Week Six – A Personal Vision: Defining Purpose

We will experience together the options for your contributing to the spiritual guidance of womanhood, focusing on how you can participate in creating Your Self-Destination.

Week Seven – A Personal Vision: Valuing Worth

We will experience together the difference between value and worth to measure your ability to move toward the vision of Your Fulfillment.

Week Eight – A Personal Vision: Guiding Humanity

We will experience together our understanding of maturity and the nature of spiritual guidance to better create the context for Spiritual Leadership in relationship and toward Your Health.

Week Nine – Spiritual Leadership: Healing to Love

We will experience together our ability to transform the need to heal into the desire to nurture in order to assess how your needs to heal can support Your Maturity.

Week Ten – Spiritual Leadership: Challenges to Responsibility

We will experience together the responsibilities of Spiritual Leadership to understand how to influence the process of maturation and be Your Solution.

Week Eleven – Spiritual Leadership: Awareness to Commitment (Opportunities for greater participation in creating The Feminine Light Journey are discussed.)

We will experience together the commitment to ourselves and how that ability informs the management of all your other commitments building a vision that bridges relationships to the personal and social significance of Your Care.

Week Twelve – Spiritual Leadership: Integrity to Leadership

We will experience together how a commitment to truth can pave the way toward the effectiveness of our lives as women. How we can get from point A to point B. Highlighted is the nature of point B as women prepare for leadership and their own solution. We can create a successful arc to our story with the contributions of Your Feminine Light.

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The Benefits

Here are just 9 of the Ways in which The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Will Benefit Your Life:

ONE. Be the One

You can reverse the negative trend of competing for value and worth and make your spirit the priority. All of life begins with you, and the foundation for all your relationships is dependent upon the maturity and health of your spirit.

Here you can return to the wisdom of womanhood, to the healing of your spirit, and be the one who understands that maturity and teaching maturity through spiritual leadership can serve humanity well.

In order to realize the depth of our connection in relationship and the desire to live safe and happy lives together, contented lives of worth and value, we must make a pledge to peace. This pledge respects our own inner peace. This pledge offers generations to come a new platform from which to create their lives. This pledge is a pledge of spiritual leadership and one that only you can make to and for yourself. To lead on this evolutionary path requires a personal commitment to your well-being and happiness and to the well-being and happiness of relationship.

Here you can regain value and reclaim a consciousness of worth to be a peaceful leader and if not a peaceful leader then a happy woman.

TWO. Be the Source

You can remember you are the source of your life as well as the source of life in your relationships with men. What you represent is seen as a source for the purpose of creation. Choose to be the source of your own creation. Choose to be the source, without doing a thing, for the manifestation of a healthy relationship. Here you can honor yourself, establish a vision, and be the source, the source for co-creation as well as the dignity of love.

THREE. Be the Joy

You can reinfuse joy into your life and express the energy of joy as joy is a result of knowing and approving your efficacy. No longer do you live in the fear of judgments or with the uncertainty of even the possibility of your happiness, but rather you can confidently support your joy and be the joy and the flow of your life. to receive abundantly for life.

FOUR. Be the Truth

You can heal yourself when you listen for your truth and act on the reality of your life. Releasing illusions of self-other responsibilities helps to clear your path in order to create the reality of your making. Rather than gifting yourself without knowing or undermining the truth, you can be the truth, express the truth and live a life of integrity.

FIVE. Be the Influence

You can influence your relationships with men by proving your conscious worth. No longer do you have to pretend to be someone other than yourself for the sake of feeling something deeply that you do not or wanting something of value that is not freely given. Respect is a gift you give to yourself and assists in clearing away negative influences making room for the influence that you represent yourself to be.

SIX. Be the Peace

You can live with the peace of mind that your life is well founded upon the knowledge of your womanhood and your role as a spiritual leader guiding your relations with men toward mutual acceptance and peace. This knowledge gives you the opportunity to establish peace in order to evolve humanity.

SEVEN. Be the Mission

You can take charge of your life through an Interactive Online multimedia program that addresses all of your senses and awakens the longing for your life well lived.

EIGHT. Be the Life

You can strengthen the muscle of the spirit by making meaning from life’s jump gaps or the transitions into the unknown and turning darkness, chaos, and fear into a light of consciousness. This feminine light harnesses the ever increasing power of your choices to determine your life and making those choices relevant to living a life well lived for yourself and in caring for others.

NINE. Be the Voice

You can honor, share, celebrate, and manifest with women who have made a commitment to being the solution. This is a commitment to our evolutionary consciousness and toward a spiritual leadership with a loving collective voice that uplifts one another and that the world hears well. A consciousness that has language for its identity to better co-lead the world.

Along with these benefits above of self-discovery and self-knowledge that builds your confidence as a woman, to BE the light that changes your world through your innate power and leadership, you will also receive the benefits of: Support, Opportunity, Expression, Effectiveness, and Happiness!

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