Welcome to a like-minded community for Spiritual Leadership.

The Feminine Light Leadership

Through The Feminine Light Leadership, i-We is establishing an educational clearinghouse for the ideas and efforts of wise women and forward-thinking men asserting a new voice dedicated to the health and healing of humanity through women’s spiritual leadership. i-We respects men, supports the maturity of girls and boys, and upholds women as spiritual leaders.

Spiritual leadership is the recognition of the spirit and the expression of it to foster maturity and to lead by self-worth, an aligned purpose of gender, compassion for self and others, and a vision of care that manifests: character, virtue, self-esteem, responsibility, meaning, exchange, and well-being.

We started The Feminine Light Leadership to help women like you bring your inner wisdom, vision, and leadership to light. We believe that as women, we have an innate inner strength that balances life, engenders respect, and brings joy to relationship.

  • Do you want to receive and give more in life?
  • Do you want to contribute to and be recognized for solving challenges and finding solutions?
  • Do you want to rejuvenate your life and heal others emotionally?
  • Do you want to balance your life and actualize a community of joy?

Can we realize a consciousness of ourselves as women and understand the implications of spiritual leadership?

If humanity is to evolve, there must be a vision for humanity. Can we as women be that vision for humanity and recognize ourselves as a resource for spiritual leadership to co-create with men rather than as a resource of desire to fear, prey upon, use, control? Can we honor ourselves as our own resource? Can we create this vision together?

A Unique and Effective Online Program for Women as Spiritual Leaders

Now, a community for women to create a Sisterhood inspiring Spiritual Leadership and Visionary Collaboration!

The Feminine Light Leadership Program is an innovative combination of accountability tools and productivity coaching designed to help you establish your vision. Within our supportive Online community of talented women and visionary strategists, you’ll develop the skills and strategies to take charge of your progress, chart the steps necessary to implement your vision and nurture the creation of positive social influence. 

Our Visionary Membership Program consists of monthly on-going training to develop, create, maintain, and establish a vision of your own making that reflects your truth and contribution in the world.

Cultivating your passion for spiritual leadership inspires relationship, sparks a light of hope in the world, and remedies the health of humanity. By working in harmony with others, embracing and loving ourselves while guiding and creating with those around us, this vision is actualized. Through leadership, women are the heart of development and a force for progress, sustainability, and peace.

The Feminine Light Leadership’s purpose is to create a collective consciousness among women for spiritual leadership – to establish and become guardians for vision.

Beverly Hills Proclamation Letter 2011 Excerpt:

“Now, Therefore, we, the City Council of the City of Beverly Hills, do hereby congratulate and commend the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment on the launch of their new organization and further recognize their powerful vision of women as prominent spiritual leaders worldwide”.

About The Program

The Feminine Light Leadership Program features a unique combination of proprietary Online accountability and interaction tools, professional coaching and small group support, our Program will help you align with your vision and implement it faster, more creatively, more reliably, and with less stress.

Life as a Visionary Woman doesn’t have to be so hard. Isn’t it about time to be inspired by your life? Join us today and celebrate your vision, gain support, and give your vision life!

In an effort to promote harmony in the world, i-We encourages you to participate with other like-minded women, creating a sisterhood to impact significant change in yourself, your relationships, and your world.

The Emerging Identity and Spiritual Leadership of Women is the Key to the Health of Our World