Infuse Your Relationships with a Healthier Self!

You are important as a woman. Women are the containers and source of life, the creators of meaning and through family and community, the vessels of love, the muses, the messengers, and the connection with divine wisdom and joy.

We, as women, are leaders of spiritual enlightenment both for ourselves and in guiding our relationships; our families, our children, our communities, and the world.  It is because of your worth, purpose, talents, wisdom, and joy that relationships are shaped in the way that they are. The importance of you guides relationship toward mutual peaceful fulfillment.

No matter the family, society and culture you are born into, your self-esteem and worth are the determining factors which influence the health of relationship. Learning to form, maintain, and manage your identity and support your spirit as a woman is paramount to the health of the world.

For women, the truth of our being as an expression of the fullness of spirit creates the meaning of our lives. The expansion of our love and joy through the security of wisdom kindles the fire of our own unique contributions to ourselves, our relationships, and to the world. The healing of women’s spirit then transmutes into the power that heals the world.

Reclaiming worth allows you to take the first step toward a healthy loving presence in relationship beginning with the most important relationship, the one with yourself.