Discover The Magic Of Your Soul!

Introducing The Feminine Light Leadership Online Appraisal
An experience that will have life changing results in hours!

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • When do you want to be more fulfilled?
  • Where is your purpose?
  • Why are you important?
  • How do you want to change your life?

Empower Your Life through Integrity and Alignment

Your Truth is the conduit for your life!

Let The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal show you a reflection of your true self…to more fully know who you are, acknowledge yourself, and lead your life well.


  • Do you wonder if you can ever feel complete and be able to balance taking care of your needs and the needs of others?
  • Do you find yourself pulled in so many directions that you rarely take the time to listen to yourself?
  • Do you feel challenged by your responsibilities and have no structure built to enjoy life?


  • Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have the possibility to create the life I desire?”
  • Have you ever thought, “Do I have the ability to learn how to live an effective life?”
  • Have you ever wondered, “Can I commit to being myself and can I choose relationships that foster my happiness?”

Our Method – The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal

Unlock Your Potential

Women have experienced time through intuition and story-telling. We all have a story to tell and it has been through our relationships that we have been able to tell it. However, do we have our own story to understand our journey as women distinct from men? The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal unlocks this journey for you to see and experience your potential.            

Realize Your Possibilities

Women have been in search of possibilities in the physical world to experience their identity and live confidently. The ability to live more effectively entails both a knowledge of ourselves and the impact we have on others to manifest change. We first must discover what change will bring with it the greatest expression of our fullness. The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal highlights the realization of your possibilities for wholeness.

Determine Your Truth

Women have buried their truth through time. We have been influenced by external reality to the detriment of understanding our truth. Relationships are often lost in the confusion of truth as “a relative experience” with no clear demarcation of gender identity, purpose, and development to form healthy unions. The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal begins the process of self-knowledge as a woman to remember who you are and know your worth.

Examine Your Results

Women have known that by examining the results in our lives we are better able to understand challenges. The world of relationship is fraught with challenges. When we look to what we want to create, we can see what is missing. When we feel the missing results, we can address the issues to prepare the way for transformation. The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal gives you the ability to transform through leadership.

Take Action Steps to Follow Your Light

Women have learned that to exist without a consciousness is not enough to be able to live well. We know that we must decide to do something different if we are to live more effective lives. This decision is the basis for our own evolution. To want more suggests there is more. The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal provides you with the knowledge of your light to take the action steps that will lead to greater fulfillment.

What You Will Discover…

The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal allows you to clearly and concretely use:

  • Your Enlightened Integrity focusing your life and managing priorities well.
  • Your Ultimate Strength implementing purpose through practical application.
  • Your Highest Growth Potential transforming vulnerabilities into confidence.
  • Your Transformational Arc leading into fulfillment.
  • Your Optimum Alignment creating your well-being.
  • Your Ideal Truth honoring your life.
  • Your Clearest Expression sharing your truth.
  • Your Spiritual Leadership celebrating your truth.
  • The Truth that is You!

Our Design – The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal

The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal is a unique design using i-We’s groundbreaking work – the proprietary Model of Women’s Identity as introduced in The Feminine Light Journey.

This Online Appraisal is an in-depth and fuller analysis of The Feminine Light Assessment and goes beyond Purpose to address the fundamental alignment of Your Truth with practical application to embrace your life with confidence.

The Appraisal design includes:

  • The Nine Enlightenment Identity Passages of The Feminine Light Model.
  • Highlighted are key areas for personal development.
  • The Star Chart to guide you through time toward self-knowledge and leadership.

Explore your internal world!

Every day you have the possibility to create and lead your life. No matter the circumstances, you can learn to understand your strengths, appreciate your vulnerabilities, clarify your purpose, and transform your life into the life that is your gift to yourself and to the world.

What You Will Receive…

  • The Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal
  • A leadership analysis for your charted growth including a powerful summary of Your Own Leadership Enlightenment!
  • A personal interpretation to visualize your path of leadership and fulfillment.
  • Downloadable Online Summaries and Graphics (PDF)
  • The ability to participate in The Feminine Light Appraisal Community through Monthly Private Events on Facebook
  • The opportunity to take the Appraisal, personally, three times during a 12-month period
  • Access your Personal Appraisal for Life.

The Online Feminine Light Leadership Appraisal

Prepare to embrace your world and love your life!

  • Awaken to the truth of your self-knowledge!
  • Realize the beauty of your existence and lead your life with greater clarity.
  • Shift your perception of the world and live your life through your own leadership.
  • Create the language of your own empowerment!
  • Emerge into the life that has been blessed by your own Enlightenment.

Live honoring your life. Live with significance. Live with confidence.
This is the life you were meant to live!

Now is the opportunity to establish a starting point for leadership as you begin your journey toward… The Feminine Light


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