The potential of life is based on interdependence.

Women have long endured suffering. The value of interdependence has not been acknowledged.

The question remains: Can we value interdependence and peace for ourselves and our relationships?

To create and voice a new consciousness of ourselves as women transforms our relationship with men. Men then can come into partnership with women and honor interdependence and co-creation, the only way through which peace is possible.

During CARE’s 2012, 101st International Women’s Day Conference, Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator Ambassador for the US Agency for International Development, viewed Abigail Disney’s documentary, “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”.  After watching this documentary, Deputy Administrator Ambassador Steinberg was asked, “Will a peace agreement work?”

His answer, “Unless it involves women, the answer is usually, no.”

Can we mistress this vision of peace together?

Envisioning Our Potential

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only women ran the world, things would be different?”

  • What if we were to ground ourselves in and embrace a higher consciousness of worth, a spiritual worth, and apply this healthy spirit to the world?
  • What if there was a new way to envision our lives as women to safeguard humanity and offer our leadership to the world?

Throughout the generations, women, like you, have made vital and forward-thinking contributions to literature, the arts, the environment, philosophy, education, medicine, science, politics, social justice, economics, business, sports, and human relations.

What if all our contributions as women were recognized? Prosperity, health, and well-being are supported by the recognition of each other’s humanity in mutual respect for differences. By carrying the torch of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion, you allow the world access to the secret of a deeper knowledge of life – the subtle knowledge of Your Feminine Light.

You are the teacher of worth and value facilitating the health of the world. The significance of your life and journey paves the way to a safer, kinder, and more compassionate world for everyone on the planet. When you reflect the light of an evolved consciousness, you model light for the world – The Feminine Light.

Peace and fulfillment are the potential hallmarks of women.

The Co-Creation of Leadership

As human beings, we are equal, yet our gender is distinct. The knowledge and the balancing of power between women and men is the basis for healthy co-creation. This partnership is the foundation for a safe and happy life.

With a collective consciousness of our identity as women, the power of our own self-knowledge, we are able to speak a new language:

  • To communicate our identity fostering a unique understanding in our symbiotic relationship with men and men with us.
  • To uplift the consciousness of humanity from living in a community of victimizatio to living in one of equity where there is mutual respect for identity and purpose.
  • To prepare the way for a complementary leadership.

This leadership makes for the evolution of humanity possible. The potential of life can then be seen through full participation in a co-creation of leadership where the governance for managing the responsibilities of life can be shared well. The potential for leadership and peace resides in all of us to co-create.

Co-create life in The Feminine Light Journey…