The solution of life, regardless of time, is to be at peace with ourselves and with the resources that we have and use:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Humankind

To be Enlightened according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary “is to be freed from ignorance and misinformation” and is “based on a full comprehension of the problems involved.” To use our resources well, we must understand our resources – Humankind. We must understand ourselves and learn how to be at peace.

The Feminine Light Journey is a different kind of experience for women. This is an overall program that fosters women’s evolutionary consciousness, a consciousness of our identity as women and the knowledge of spiritual leadership to promote the well-being of ourselves, our relationships, and humanity as a global manifestation of Life Enlightened – a life of peace.

The Health of Humanity Begins with Your Self-Knowledge…

The Health of Humanity

Right now, more than ever, humanity needs a new approach to address the five symptoms of a consciousness that has not yet evolved:

  • The paralyzing fear of the unknown
  • The competitive pressure of survival
  • The numbing pandemic of victimization
  • The agonizing struggle of lessons of character and worth
  • The debilitating suffering of emotional ill health

We speed through change and use social media to increase contact capabilities, we place a value on the external over the internal, while we have weakened the knowledge of ourselves and the bonds of communication and connection. We have diminished the truth and power of our feminine being and The Enlightenment of Womanhood.

The health of humanity depends upon acknowledging yourself as a woman, discovering your identity, finding your inner peace, and creating fulfillment in relationship. As Enlightened women, we then need to gather as a collective and make a commitment to that which is larger than ourselves for The Evolution of Humankind.

Our time has come!

The Power of Your Truth as the Solution

You did not choose to live without a roadmap… for learning the nature of your identity or for understanding the truth of your higher self as a woman.

It simply has not been our time.

What if I told you, this lack of a roadmap and all its associated anxiety was not your decision but has more to do with our evolutionary timing and our ability to understand and participate in the creation of our humanity.

That this struggle has really been simply about time:

  • To find something that is lacking.
  • To move toward an increased consciousness.
  • To reveal a truth that sets us free…
  • To live lives with dignity and peace.

How do we learn the lessons of Enlightenment that our mothers may have never known to tell us? Just like when planting a tree to bear fruit, it takes time for the fruit to mature.

The fruit of our consciousness has been maturing. Through time, for each and every one of us as women, we have been learning how to mature ourselves, to give birth to our own consciousness, and be our own Mothers.

Women are the solution by learning to chart this powerful journey of truth and peace – The Feminine Light Journey.

You Are the Light, You Are the Change!